About Think-A-Lease

Think-A-Lease and its intellectual partners were founded in 2015.  We observed the consumer frustration in finding accurate pricing, terms and transparency.  We observed that the dealer is challenged in providing a quick and efficient means to quoting multiple leasing options accurately to the customer. Captives are also challenged in expediting the calculation and processing of lease offers, especially in the used market.


The consumer leasing market accounts for one-third of the automotive market and continues to grow exponentially. The leasing segment until now has been grouped with all other retail buyers in the dealership marketing of vehicles, simply providing an approximate payment and terms, in fine small print, if at all. We have created a solution for consumers to shop leases and for dealers, OEM's and Captives to serve this segment of the market.

Why Think-A-Lease

Leasing is the new norm! 30%+ of new vehicle sales are leased and that number continues to grow, expanding to used vehicles. Leasing creates a bond between the dealer, the brand and the captive by servicing the account and vehicle.


1: Think-A-Lease specializes in Used Car Leasing - With over 4M units coming back on market, dealers that offer to lease on Used and CPO vehicles gain competitive advantage.


2: Think-A-Lease automatically determines which vehicle will qualify for used leasing based on Model, Age, Mileage and programs.


3: Affordability - Lease payments are generally 30% lower than purchase payments across vehicle segments.

Benefits & How it Works

NEW and USED Calculator / Widget: Think-A-Lease calculates the payment, and provides full disclosure and instantly updates as customers change their terms. Think-A-Lease does all the work of capturing various lease program data and calculates exact payments for every vehicle with full calculation breakdowns to quickly complete the transaction in the dealership. Converting lease shoppers to Lease buyers! Lease shoppers select a vehicle, terms of the lease, mileage and an accurate payment are displayed along with a complete lease breakdown page.


Think-A-Lease Accuracy Guarantee: Think-A-Lease provides an Insurance backed, guarantee to the dealer on the accuracy of the lease payment quoted and accompanying disclaimers

Flow Deck to explain how it works

The Think-A-Lease widget sits on the dealership's website and calculates a VIN specific lease payment for new and used cars. For new we use only captive data, stack all the non-targeted incentives and use the dealer's requested selling prices to formulate a lease payment. For used, it is based on Ally Financials' lease program. We are proud of the fact that we are the first automated used lease calculator to touch the auto market. Our used widget filters through all the used vehicles in a dealer's inventory while following the lender's stipulations as to which cars are eligible to be leased. Then it formulates a lease payment for each eligible used car in stock.


Customers today are not interested in going back and forth with the dealer to get a lease price for the vehicle they had in mind.  So our smart technology helps not only the consumer but also the salesmen and sales managers in the dealership

New Car Leasing - Demo

On new vehicles, notice the "Lease for $184". This is a button that we generated for a dealer, to look like the other calls to action. Clicking on it will bring you to the next environment.

The Think-A-Lease Grid is interactive, which means you can click on whatever payment you choose in our patent pending X/Y axis grid. When a payment is selected, it will be highlighted in blue. This was designed for customers to choose what they are comfortable spending and the salesman on the floor can now offer a real price in the showroom, right from the dealership website.

Down payment is adjustable in the grid which will change the price of each lease payment.

Think-A-Lease interactive grid will adjust its payment by adding or subtracting "Down Payment"; the green will highlight the cheapest payments available for this specific vehicle. The blue will highlight the payment selected.

Frequently Asked

*One of the most frequently asked questions asked is: How do we know how to calculate the vehicle and what do we use in order to do it?


1)  We use your inventory to pull the necessary information and combine it with your captive bank to pull the right rates and residuals.  We also use non targeted rebates (College Grad, Military, Conquest, Etc.)

2)  We have insured our product in case of miscalculation.  Just deliver the car and send us the lease contract and we will indemnify the dealer for their loss.

Used Car Leasing

Now that we covered the functionality of the new lease calculations, let's dive into used leasing. Calculating a used car lease can be very tricky, residuals are unique to the VIN, are dollar based, and can be a tedious process opened to many mistakes costing the dealership money. With Think-A-Lease, our automated used lease calculator is just as easy to use as the new, with all the data for that VIN on two easy to read documents. Let's take a look at how it works:

* In order to meet lender guidelines our program automatically analyzes your inventory to ensure that it meets the following requirements:


1) Clean Vehicle History Report

2) Does not exceed lender stipulated maximum mileage.  Based on present lender requirements as:

   A) 2014 models should not exceed: (miles)75,000
   B) 2015 models should not exceed: (miles)60,000

   C) 2016 models should not exceed: (miles)45,000
   D) 2017 models should not exceed: (miles)45,000

Used Car Leasing - Demo

We can see the same grid as we have with the new cars. This particular dealer wants 20% of the selling price as a down payment on all his used vehicles. A down payment can be setup during on boarding to any style; fixed number or percentage.

We supply the dealer everything they need to input this deal into their DMS or desking tool. We know how tedious it can be to calculate this manually. We take all the heavy lifting out of the equation.

Now, the F&I Manager can use our sheet based on what the customer/salesman chose on the grid.

- If the customer comes back with a different credit tier, you can use the table as a reference to change the price on whatever system you are using internally.

- You can have the salesman set the deal up on the showroom and hand it off to the F&I manager based on the price in the grid.

Let's go back to the grid and adjust the down payment to 1000. The widget will update the price of the vehicle based on the new down payment set.

You can now go back to the square button again and click on it.

New formula for the adjusted down payments right at your fingertips

Your Inventory Automatically Listed On Our Website

We also list your vehicles on our website for FREE when the widget is on-boarded. Whatever traffic and leads generated there are free as well. You can contact us anytime to discuss this powerful platform further.